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Temp Staff & Temp Workers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New Job, Temp Workers in Philadelphia, PA

When your company needs qualified and prepared temp staff, turn to Prostar Services Inc. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our temporary workers are pre-screened to be a great match for your business needs.

Philadelphia's Emerging Temporary Staffing Leader

Grow your career the smart way with our outstanding temporary staffing services. As a newly-developed temp agency, we're able to easily implement new hiring and staffing strategies and leverage 21st Century technology to find the best workers in a variety of industries. Our revolutionary strategies allow us to place outstanding employees in the kinds of work environments that make the most sense for both employees and companies.

Staffing Services include:

Direct Hire Payroll Transfer  Temporary-to-Permanent Attractive, Flat Hourly Rates

Offering You a Better Way to Work

Workers seeking temporary employment or permanent positions have a home with our friendly and talented workforce. Take advantage of our unique direct hire program, where we let companies try out our employees on a temporary basis to see if it's a good fit before hiring. Our goal is to build a powerful, credible, and dependable temporary labor pool that's able to adapt to many different workplace situations and create a career that makes the best sense for their lifestyle. When you stop by our offices, we'll discuss your employment goals and make sure that we're working for you in the right way to make your dreams of a great working life a reality.

Contact Prostar Services Inc. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for exceptional temp agency services.